Hardwood Lumber

Hardwoods Specialty Products carries the products and brands that you need to achieve project success. Many of our featured brands are available FSC Certified, CARB II and NAUF with LEED® credit support.

02 Bamboo

O2 Bamboo captures bamboo's natural beauty along with its ecologically friendly attributes. Available in solid panels, veneer and plywood.

Dragon Ply

For nearly a decade, Hardwoods Specialty Products has been delivering the highest quality products sourced from the finest manufacturers in China. Dragon Ply consistently outperforms the competition with innovative solutions and the most reliable performing products on the market.

Echo Wood

Echo Wood, reconstituted real wood veneer provides endless opportunities to create the look of rare and common wood.

Lotus Decorative Overlay

Lotus Decorative Overlay offer a wide array of surface solutions designed to meet the needs of fabricators and designers alike. This imported collection of high pressure laminates, thermally fused melamine, melamine foils, vinyls and continuous press laminates offer countless design, color texture and durability options. 


Querkus, the finest oak collection, combines authentic materials with rigid elements to create veneers that produce a single, solid picture. With various thicknesses available, we can meet your budget and application needs. 

Reflekt High Gloss Acrylic Panels

Reflekt is a breakthrough product in high gloss acrylic panels that offers three innovations in high gloss surfaces: the most scratch resistant high gloss surface available, impeccable surface consistency and color richness that enhances depth and clarity. 

RELY-A-FORM Concrete Forming Panels

RELY-A-FORM concrete forming panels are laminated with a phenolic film that is thermally fused to the wood surface. These panels are specifically designed to improve the surface quality of the wood based panels used for concrete forming.


RELY-A-PLY Russian Birch is a versatile and high-quality plywood, unmatched in the world. Made from 100% birch hardwood and nearly void free components, this material offers exceptional hardness and specific gravity, making RELY-A-PLY Russian Birch plywood amongst the strongest and most dimensionally stable panels available.

Roücke High Definition Melamine

Roücke high definition melamine delivers the look and feel of real wood, with the deepest texture produced in North America.


Shinnoki provides high-quality veneered sheets, ready to use. With over 17 designs, you are covered no matter your design aesthetic. With guaranteed uniform quality and the natural appearance of wood, Shinnoki has the benefits of a solid panel, without the disadvantages