02 Bamboo

Bamboo’s unique wood-like qualities and extensive environmental benefits have led to an increasing number of Bamboo forest secure certifications in accordance with the standards of the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC). This third party certification provides architects, designers and consumers with the assurance of social and environmental responsibility on the part of the producers.

Environmental Benefits of Bamboo
  • Produces up to 35% more oxygen than equivalent stands of trees.
  • Is the fastest growing plant on earth, reaching full height in 6 months and harvest maturity in 5-6 years.
  • Sequesters up to 70% more carbon dioxide than an equivalent stand of hardwood trees.
  • Does not require replanting, irrigation or fertilizers. Regular harvesting has shown to improve propagation of the species.
  • Compared to same harvest areas, Bamboo yields up to twenty times more raw material than wood.
  • A single root structure can produce 200 poles in the time it takes on hardwood tree to reach maturity.
  • Mature bamboo has similar density characteristics as North American hardwoods.
Solid Panels
  • FSC certified with no added formaldehyde adhesives
  • 1 and 3 ply constructed panels
  • Horizontal and vertical patterns
  • Natural, carbonized and tiger strand colors available

All patterns and colors are available laminated to the core of your choice.

Veneer & Backing Options
  • Available with cellulose fleece backing in 8’ and 10’ lengths
  • Available FSC & NAUF or CARB 2 compliant
  • Horizontal and vertical grain patterns
  • Natural and carbonized color options
  • Produced by Moso Bamboo

Available veneer backing options:

  • 10 mil flexible paper
  • 2 ply flexible wood
  • Duraback – flexible and moisture resistant
  • Fabric – flexible and drywall friendly
  • Phenolic – rigid  and moisture resistant
  • Polyback – flexible, phenoliv replacement, moisture resistant
  • PSA – Peel and Stick, flexible