Ion Decorative High Gloss

Ion is a decorative high-gloss film that has the stylish appearance of brushed metal. The stunning visual aesthetic is created through the vibrancy of color, metallic shading, and glossy surface. 

Additional surface properties:

  • An 80% gloss level is reflected using a glossmeter testing instrument.
  • No polishing or curing time after removal of protective peel coat.

The high-gloss surface is suitable for interior surfaces such as kitchen and bathroom cabinets, vanities, closets, furniture, as well as store fixtures & displays.


A carefully selected MDF core material specified for low surface variance, so the Ion surface is not flawed by substrate imperfections.

Class 100 Clean Room Laminating Environment

Guarantees that Ion is as close to a perfect product as technologically possible.

Selection & Stock

5 colors in stock, 4’ x 8’ panels, 1/4” and 3/4” thicknesses. Custom thicknesses are available by request.

Process Intelligence

The story behind the finish.

Process Intelligence is the convergent manufacturing system developed by Premier EuroCase. Raw materials are selected and tested to certify optimum quality, then next generation technology is combined with precision tooling and merged with synchronized manufacturing processes. The product is produced with accuracy, quality, and unmatched manufacturing speed. The result is a world-class product with remarkable consistency.