RELY-A-PLY Flooring Underlayment

RELY-A-PLY, a premium flooring underlayment ply wood. RELY-A-PLY is specifically designed to improve the surface quality of wood based sub-floors and provides the ideal surface to install your choice of decorative flooring: vinyl, carpet, ceramic stone, or hardwood. RELY-A-PLY’s superior properties are a result of rigorous inspections to ensure quality control standards for the best product possible. The result is floor-ready, structurally sound panels that  have the durability and dependability that you can rely on.


• 15 Year Warranty

• Durable, Smooth Finish

• All Hardwood Construction

• Void Free

• No Color Bleed Through

• Moisture Resistant Glue

• Consistent Thickness


•Thickness: 5mm or 5.5mm

• Width: 1220mm (4') 1220mm or 2440mm (4' or 8')

• Length: Thickness Tolerance: +/– .3mm

• Moisture Content: < = 12%


• Light-colored engineered hardwood veneers will not allow color to bleed through your decorative surface.

• Only high grade defect free veneers are used for the faces.

• The finished sanding provides an incredibly smooth surface.

• An evenly spaced ‘X’ pattern provides the guide for proper installation.


•Tropical hardwood is used for its stability and high density characteristics.

• Multi-ply cross grain construction combined with void free components results in a strong, stable core that is resistant to damage from furniture legs or high heels.

• Core veneer is dried to 12% moisture or less to ensure a flat, stable panel.

• Panels are calibrated to ensure


Panel Size Options
  • 3mm- 40mm Thick
  • 5’x5’, 4’ x 8’, 5’x8’ 5’x10’
  • Specialty sizes as well as cross-grain and unidirectional construction are available upon request.
  • Graded on GOST standards
  • B/BB, BB/BB, BB/CP, CP/CP, CP/C 
  • Other grade combinations including B/B and BBx, and C grade unsanded, are available upon request.
Glue Options
  • Type I Exterior Phenolic
  • Type II Interior and NAUF
  • Both are CARB2 Certified
Additional Product Options
  • Ultra violet cured finishes
  • Finished and unfinished drawer parts
  • Die boards
  • Laminating and engineered flooring platforms