Echo Wood Reconstituted Veneers provides endless opportunities to create the look of domestic, exotic and rare species. The process of reconstituting common wood fiber through computer design technology allows us to reproduce the natural appearance of nearly any species. EchoWood reconstituted veneer products echo nature's most desired and rare species without impacting the sustainability of the great old growth forests. Reconstituted veneers use common wood fiber from well managed and plantation-grown forests and by doing so we draw on an excellent renewable fiber resource for the production of Echo Wood. These reconstituted veneers and edge tapes provide a practical alternative to achieving the look of expensive and rare woods, by providing the highest quality, color stabilized, defect free architectural veneers and edge tapes. Echo Wood veneers when applied to recycled wood cores with no added urea formaldehyde can qualify for LEED® credits. All Echo Wood species and patterns are available FSC certified and non-certified.

Architectural Design Creative Control Program

Create colors and grain patterns in the wood veneers to match, contrast or compliment any décor or design. This process is normally a 20 day turn around on new designs. Delivery of the new customs design requires approximately 8 – 10 weeks and requires a 16,000 sq/ft  order minimum. Contact us to learn more about this unique creative opportunity.

Available FSC Certified

CARB: Formaldehyde Emissions

LEED® Credit Support: MR4, 5, 7 & IEQ 4.4